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Client Testimonials

The following are a few of the testimonials MSP Consulting has received demonstrating our service and delivery of results for our clients.

Tresko, Inc and Ice-Masters – Shawnee, KS

MSP Consulting began working with Tresko, Inc and Ice-Masters, Inc. in 2009. According to the company’s CFO, MSP Consulting helped identify 22% cost savings and pinpointed a solution that ultimately saved a substantial amount in credit card processing fees. MSP Consulting guided Tresko, Inc and Ice-Masters, Inc. through every step of the process and delivered the results they promised. We highly recommend MSP Consulting to anyone looking to streamline their payment processing procedures and save money.

Chief Financial Officer

LDI Integrated Pharmacy Services – St. Louis, MO

LDI Integrated (LDI) Pharmacy Services is an integrated pharmacy services company founded and managed by pharmacists. LDI began working with MSP Consulting in 2006 with their Retail Pharmacy. In 2011, LDI turned to MSP to help with their Pharmacy Services business. MSP Consulting implemented a payment processing solution to significantly reduce credit card acceptance fees. By leveraging MSP Consulting’s expertise and solutions, LDI has avoided hundreds of thousands of dollars in processing related fees. LDI recommends MSP Consulting for businesses seeking payments industry expertise and a good business partner.

Chief Financial Officer

AMR Management Services

As an Association Management Company, we serve multiple non-profit association clients which are concerned with being very budget-conscience and therefore look for cost savings where possible.  Through working with MSP Consulting, our clients have been able to realize much savings on their merchant fees.  They’ve also assisted us with providing excellent customer service when questions arise as well as in assisting us with fraud prevention.  We had a fraud situation a while back and MSP was great—they helped get it rectified quickly and with as little pain to our bottom line as was possible.  They also made sure we were set up to not get hit again.

Chief Financial Officer

Stormont-Vail HealthCare – Topeka, KS

MSP Consulting began working Stormont-Vail HealthCare in November 2009. MSP Consulting helped them identify significant cost reductions in the fees paid for credit/debit card services while also helping them accept FSA/HRA cards. “We have actually realized greater savings than targeted, leveraging MSP Consulting’s expertise and solutions. We have transitioned to a new Point of Sale solution for our retail store operation. MSP Consulting was very helpful in the transition, coordinating between various groups involved and ensuring our costs were minimized. We value the performance reporting we received from MSP Consulting and the ongoing support. MSP Consulting is quick to respond and provide us with what we need. They take accountability for making sure our program remains optimized. We highly recommend MSP Consulting to others.”

Director Corporate Finance

Sara Bender DDS – Frisco, TX

“My sister suggested I give MSP Consulting a call to see if they could help me like they had helped her Veterinary Clinic. MSP immediately identified savings for my practice. Since converting to their program in 2006 they have greatly exceeded their original projected savings. I have introduced them to several colleagues.”

Grandma’s Office Catering

The staff has been a tremendous help. Whether it be PCI compliance, new federal regulations, a chargeback help or a question where our numbers don’t properly balance, the MSP team holds our hand in getting the final solution when we call them.  We never have to speak with an offsite 800-number.  It really helps to call a local number and discuss our questions or problems with someone that we know of the first name basis.

I get at least a call a week, on average, from company’s trolling for my business. In fact, I had a friend in the credit card processing business a few years ago take all my information for a month and he came back and said we really have a good deal with MSP.  For me, that is impressive.

We value our relationship with all of our vendors and I have always said and believed that we want partnerships with our vendors.  I would never change a serious vendor because someone could do it a few pennies cheaper. With MSP consulting I trust the people, I enjoy working with them and I save a lot of money.


Gunter Pest Management – Kansas City, MO

“MSP Consulting came in and did exactly what they said they would do — drive savings. When they initially conducted their comprehensive analysis on our prior merchant credit card program, they outlined the savings they would deliver for us — and they delivered on those savings. We trust their advice and input for our ongoing service and support, including helping establish an account with a new business we opened: Modern Fire Safety.”

Boulevard Brewing

We really feel like we are partners. MSP is an extension of our business. They shoot straight with us. Recently, we were approached by another company and we were required to do due diligence. Initially, the proposal looked good but when MSP Consulting dug down deeper to the analytics, they found some red flags. One of the owners came in, talked us through every scenario and let us make the decision. The other company was only showing half of the real story. In the end, it was a no brainer to stay with MSP. Not just because of the savings but because they truly have our best interest in mind. They really are transparent in everything.

I don’t know why we wouldn’t always recommend MSP to someone. They are a 10 out of 10—easy.


St. Louis Communications

“We switched around 5-6 years ago as a result of a recommendation from our bank. We were already accepting card payments but the rate was high. We had no trust of MSP Consulting at the beginning of our relationship because of the perception of the industry in general. In fact, we didn’t switch at first, even with the savings. We were leery the process would be long and that we could lose money. But when we met face-to-face, MSP was so professional and walked us through the entire process step by step. It was amazing how quick and easy the transition was! And then, when we reviewed the analytic reports and saw the savings, it was a no brainer! MSP provides me with monthly reporting which tells me how much I have saved and allows me to access the information any time I need. Plus, the customer service is stellar! In the past, we didn’t even know who to contact if there was an issue. Now, we get a voice on the phone and extremely timely response to whatever the issue is.

I would tell anyone to use MSP!”

Chief Financial Officer


I would tell anyone to use MSP Consulting. You will absolutely save money, your implementation will be streamlined and will not compromise your current business. The savings was the deal maker but then, the SERVICE…that really takes MSP to the next level.  MSP Consulting is a US based team—you get a person on the phone the same day you call, if not immediately.

MSP helps our business credibility because we are able to recommend our clients to use such a great service. MSP does what they say they are going to do. Dependability in an undependable industry—that’s what you get with MSP Consulting.

Industrial Packaging

“MSP has done what they initially said they would do — save our business money and make managing our credit card activities simple. That is what I asked for and that is what they have delivered!”

US Pavement

Our previous management system was disconnected, and the staff was less supportive. We are so confident using MSP’s services. They are so responsive and help us maintain secure data when it comes to our payment information. We are 100% confident we are getting the best rates and know we are getting the very best customer service in the industry. Client Services has been so helpful and has been able to solve problems with quick turnaround time. You get to actually speak with a person when you have a problem—that’s rare in this industry.

This is a partnership-100%. We get to work with a company that is giving us the tools we need to understand this part of our business without worrying about every detail of this aspect of the business. We get very good rates, and get to work with exceptional people. It’s an added bonus–we are truly getting more than we are paying for.

Awards & Ad Specialties – Kansas City Metro

“MSP Consulting has been a pleasure to work with. They have consistently delivered upon the value they promised when we were first introduced to them. We appreciate their ongoing monitoring and suggestions to help us continue to save money and process credit cards efficiently. When I needed help with an annual charity auction at our church — MSP Consulting provided a solution that streamlined our event. We appreciate their efforts to make our credit card processing activities as easy to manage as possible.”

Chief Financial Officer

Med James – Overland Park, KS

“When we were introduced to MSP Consulting we were very appreciative that they took the time to explain credit card processing and how the credit card associations rate transactions. During the review they detailed how they could drive savings for our business — which they have delivered over the past four years. MSP Consulting has taken the time to help us understand our PCI obligations and helped us define an approach that significantly reduced our risk. They have been a true business advisor for us.”

Chief Financial Officer

Southwest Fastener

I’ve been with MSP Consulting ever since we switched over to their services. Prior, we were using an old computer system which was expiring so we had to change. Our biggest frustration before MSP Consulting was lack of customer support. MSP is the opposite—if I ever have a problem, they get back to me very quick, if not immediately. The staff is very easy to work with—and provide a very solid, quick turnaround time. We had trouble with a card payment and the staff was very responsive to helping us get it resolved so we could get paid quickly. We also had an issue where we needed a password to access our system and MSP helped us get that ironed out right away.

I would say the major benefits of working with MSP Consulting is 1) their service and 2) their fees. Fees have stayed relatively level—they are delivering on what they said from the start.

Chief Financial Officer

McCray Lumber

Our CFO had been referred to MSP and was told the firm was very professional. We knew we were getting high rates and we knew reward cards all had different rates, but MSP Consulting helped us learn why the rates were different and helped educate us on the different levels. We always felt like the industry was such a scam but we feel like MSP helps us negotiate and keeps our rates honest.

I have a lot to deal with day to day. The last thing I want to do is be in the trenches of our credit card payments. MSP takes all of that off my plate. They report back to me every month and monitor the rates. They know firsthand if the increase is a legitimate increase or something that isn’t necessary.

Our fees have definitely gone down. We have saved a great deal since using MSP Consulting but honestly, even more beneficial than the savings is the support they provide to us and the way they manage our account so that I don’t have to.

They are honest in an industry that typically is not. I would recommend MSP Consulting to anyone. I can not imagine I am the only one that doesn’t want to deal with all the hassles of Credit Card processing!

Chief Financial Officer 

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Alliance / Bank Testimonials

The following are a few of the testimonials MSP Consulting has received demonstrating our service and delivery of results for our clients.

Parkside Financial Trust

“With MSP taking over the merchant processing sales and administrative function for the bank, we have been able to focus on our core competency of commercial lending and cash management. It has truly become a partnership. Our relationship mangers have the utmost confidence in MSP to keep our clients’ best interest a number one priority. MSP works well with our Relationship Managers, our Treasury Department and, most importantly, our clients and prospects.”

Executive Vice President and Senior Lender

Capital City Bank

“Capital City Bank has partnered with MSP Consulting since 2008. Prior to engaging MSP we completed a thorough test of their solution. We have been very pleased with their commitment to our bank and to our customers and have experienced significant improvement in our customer’s satisfaction. MSP Consulting is responsive to us and our customers’ support and service needs.”

Executive Vice President

Cattle National Bank

“Cattle National Bank seeks best in class services for our commercial offerings and has partnered with MSP Consulting starting in 2014. Prior to partnering with MSP we completed a thorough test of their solution and confirmed their approach aligned with our bank’s requirements for exemplary service to our customers. MSP has already delivered significant value to our commercial customers and are working well with our bank personnel to provide a seemless service to the customers.”

Vice President, Customer Service Officer

St. Louis Bank

“MSP Consulting is a value added partner to St. Louis Bank and our customers. Their business consulting approach has saved our commercial clients thousands of dollars. They educate our clients on merchant service security and best practices. Our customers benefit by having MSP working for them and we benefit by having an expert in the merchant service field. MSP values our client relationships and provides high quality and responsive customer service.”

Senior Vice President Treasury Management

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