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Not-for-profit organizations are seeking new ways to capture revenue and donations in efforts to align with growing demands. MSP addresses the needs of various not-for-profit institutions including schools, churches, charities, foundations and other 501C organizations.

To maximize contributions, a mix of donation capture capabilities is needed and MSP can help implement these capabilities with website donation capture, smartphone or tablet-based mobile solutions and recurring donations options across credit card, ACH and eCheck payments.

Our customized solutions:

  • Provide immediate capability for nonprofit organizations to communicate with, reach out to and raise funds from new and existing supporters by leveraging the anywhere, anytime connection created by the smart phone
  • Provide integrated credit card, ACH and eCheck donation acceptance solutions
  • Reduce cost of acceptance by 25 percent and more vs. legacy solutions
  • Improve donation payment efficiency and provide maximum payment options for donors
  • Integrate payments with membership database solutions
  • Support event based opportunities to capture donors
  • Provide donor control to allow self-directed recurring donations
  • Provide capability to allow donor to push payments to the not-for-profit from their mobile device
  • Ensure compliance with payment industry standards and regulations
  • Improve efficiency with comprehensive payment reporting and simplified payment tracking and reconciliation
  • Best-in-class service and support saves time and resources

MSP offers unmatched ongoing support, service, monitoring and reporting to our clients. By educating clients on solutions and approaches, we identify opportunities, minimize costs, improve processes and mitigate risks so our clients can make informed decisions regarding their program.

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