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Our Approach

MSP Advantage

Advantage is a unique, proprietary solution designed to reduce the cost of and improve service and support associated with accepting credit cards and other non-cash payments. Our solution combines the expertise of our people, tools and business methodology, and cutting-edge technology to create a comprehensive and differentiating solution for merchant services.

Advantages For Your Business

  • Bottom line savings – average cost reduction of 25 percent over traditional payment acceptance programs
  • Customized payment solution designed to fit your specific needs
  • Best-in-class service and support saves time and resources
  • Commitment to savings with our continued monitoring and policing of solution
  • Expert advisor on working for your business. You Manage Your Business. We’ll Manage Your Payments.


MSP analyzes our clients’ business needs, specific requirements, current payment acceptance methods and current merchant services solutions to identify areas of over-payment and risk, opportunities for process and technology improvements and educates you on billing practices to offers specific and actionable recommendations.


MSP utilizes pre-negotiated pricing with leading processors and equipment providers to design an optimized, cost-effective solution.


MSP manages end-to-end conversion and facilitates setup, testing and training..


With our ongoing account monitoring, MSP focuses on your interests. We stand behind and monitor the solution to ensure that savings are realized, generate regular performance reports and are the first line of support for questions or issues. We stand behind our analysis and upfront commitments to deliver results for our clients. Click here for additional details regarding MSP’s ongoing account monitoring.

What Our Clients Are Saying

MSP Consulting began working with Tresko, Inc and Ice-Masters, Inc. in 2009. According to the company’s CFO, MSP Consulting helped identify 22% cost savings and pinpointed a solution that ultimately saved a substantial amount in credit card processing fees. “MSP Consulting guided Tresko, Inc and Ice-Masters, Inc. through every step of the process and delivered the results they promised. We highly recommend MSP Consulting to anyone looking to streamline their payment processing procedures and save money.”
Chief Financial Officer

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