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EASY AS 1-2-3

At MSP Consulting, we are here to be an advisor to you when it comes to your merchant services. We work to educate you on the right move to make when it comes to your credit card processing. Most businesses don’t realize that you have options when it comes to your payment solution. MSP is processor-independent which allows us to focus on your business, working on your behalf. Regular performance monitoring reporting and communication keeps you informed of your savings throughout the year. The first step to learning about what you are paying is an education session, complete with a full analysis of your current set up.


You give MSP Consulting 1-3 months of statements and any information you can provide on your POS system.


MSP conducts analytics report.



If you like what you see, it’s a simple transition to savings. Within a week or two, you could be saving on your credit card proessing.

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