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For Your Business

Gain Control of Your Company’s Credit Card Processing Fees.

Accepting credit card payments has become critical for businesses in most industries. The question is how to do it in a way cost is minimized and processes are efficient and effective.

Deceptive billing tactics, and cryptic merchant statements make it difficult to decipher fees. Contract terms are buried so deep within the contract you need a detective to find them. Lack of training makes fraud concerns a higher risk to your business and forget accountability – it rarely exists.

MSP Consulting has created a different approach to payment acceptance, guaranteed to help eliminate these pains.

Our Approach for Your Business


MSP begins each meeting with an introductory call to educate businesses on many elements of payment processing and to best determine what specific processing needs are.


MSP analyzes a prospect’s current merchant services to identify areas of over-payment and risk, educates them on billing practices and offers specific and actionable recommendations.


MSP utilizes pre-negotiated pricing with leading processors and equipment providers to design an optimized, cost-effective solution.


MSP manages end-to-end conversion and facilitates setup, testing and customer training.


MSP stands behind our solution and monitors the processing account to ensure that savings are realized. We generate periodic performance reports for the customer, sharing the results with our alliance partners as well. MSP is the first line of support for questions or issues. Further, our team makes sure that your customers are maintaining compliance standards and are set up to fight against fraud risk.

EASY AS 1-2-3


You give MSP Consulting 1-3 months of statements and any information you can provide on your POS system.


MSP conducts analytics report.


If you like what you see, it’s a simple transition to savings. Within a week or two, you could be saving on your credit card processing.

“With MSP taking over the merchant processing sales and administrative function for the bank, we have been able to focus on our core competency of commercial lending and cash management. It has truly become a partnership. Our relationship managers have the utmost confidence in MSP to keep our clients’ best interest a number one priority. MSP works well with our RMs, our Treasury Department and, most importantly, our clients and prospects.”

– Executive Vice President and Senior Lender, Parkside Financial Trust

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