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Business Partner

As a business serving other businesses, there is benefit to bringing added value to your customers. If you are interested in partnering with MSP Consulting to generate revenue for your organization while providing a service to your customers, we have a program for you.

As part of our Business Partner Program, we help add extra value to your customers by providing a complete service centered around your client’s payment acceptance. Going beyond the normal merchant service program, our approach is proven to further enhance your reputation with commercial clients.

With MSP Advantage, you will:

  • Increase Overall Customer Satisfaction
  • Grow a Sustained Fee Income Source with Merchant Services
  • Reduce Personnel Involvement in Support and Issues Resolution
  • Possess a Differentiating Set of Solutions to Open Doors
  • Be an expert to your commercial customers
That’s the average savings for MSP Customers over their existing merchant payment services.
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