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KCBJ: Scammers want your business to be a cyber-crime mule

MSP Consulting’s Pat O’Boyle and Mike Higgins were recently interviewed by the Kansas City Business Journal for their expertise in helping businesses defend against payment fraud, especially as it relates to the increase in fraud occurrences during the holiday shopping season.

O’Boyle and Higgins informed readers about the action steps they should take to help defend their businesses from being a victim of fraud.

“All you need is a CAPTCHA system, the ‘I am not a robot’ check,” O’Boyle said. “If you don’t have that out there, you need to do it immediately. Once a fraudster finds a system without it that they can test on, they hit it hard.”

For more insights from O’Boyle and Higgins, and to read the full article, click here. 

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