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MSP Can Help Protect Your Business

In 2014, 60 percent of all cyberattacks worldwide were against small businesses (under 250 employees). Over 60 percent of small businesses have reported being the victim of an attack or having credit card data compromised, yet studies done by security companies reveal that 40 percent of these businesses don’t feel that their company faces a significant threat.

In recent years, the Payment Card Industry released security standards called  PCI DSS which must be adhered to by merchants in an effort to better secure – cardholder information. Businesses that do not comply with these standards face costly non-compliance fees, and are open to additional risk.

MSP is rolling out a new service to help our clients facilitate the PCI DSS process to prove compliance. Working on your behalf, MSP will complete the time consuming tasks and help address open issues so that you may signoff on the required documents to prove compliance. We will then monitor compliance for your business ongoing.  Contact us for more information at

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