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Kansas City Merchant Processing Company Helps Nonprofit Customers Increase Credit Card Donations

During the giving season, many nonprofit organizations struggle to find an effective way to solicit donations. Many customers find it easier and are more willing to give via online platforms. Further, online giving platforms allow for easier repeat giving – meaning nonprofits can realize a greater number of donations. MSP Consulting, a Kansas City merchant processing company has been helping nonprofits accept credit card donations online and through mobile devices with RAZ Mobile’s online giving software.
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Dale Knoop, founder and CEO of RAZ Mobile, said, “Here at RAZ Mobile we love partnering with MSP to help our nonprofit customers get merchant accounts so they can accept online credit card donations via their donors’ phones, tablets or PCs. We have several nonprofit customers who have lowered the effective rate on credit card processing to almost as low as it can go. Best of all, MSP has excellent customer service and reporting capabilities. We love working with MSP and we think they are an excellent service provider for nonprofits.”

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