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MSP Consulting’s solution, MSP Advantage, is highly differentiated in the market, which in turn differentiates our bank partners to commercial business driving significant year over year fee income growth (5 times to 8 times increase in fee growth) and high retention of clients (over 96 percent year over year retention) reflecting high satisfaction levels of commercial business.

The primary objective of MSP Advantage is to deliver High Performance Merchant Services for our bank partners in the market.


High Performance Merchant Services

MSP’s High Performance Merchant Services will turn a Commodity Service into a Value Added Offering at your bank. Community banks are looking for differentiating offerings in the marketplace to stave off competition, improve customer service, strengthen relationships and grow non-interest income.
MSPs capabilities will help our community bank partners compete aggressively with any regional or national bank’s offering, while growing fee income and greatly improving the customer experience and satisfaction.

Higher Customer Satisfaction and Decreased Churn

  • 90% retention year over year
  • Drive +20% savings to customers

+5x Increase in Growth Rate of Fee Income

  • Example: De Novo bank grew net fee income over $70,000 per year in less than three years
  • Example: $1B bank grew annual fee income from $24,000 to $210,000 over five years

Differentiated offerings in the market – compete and win more deals

  • +80% successful customer wins
  • Better leverage of internal resources

MSP’s High Performance Merchant Services Approach

Lead Generation
MSP takes a disciplined approach to targeting and tracking prospects, working with your sales force to create and realize opportunities.

MSP analyzes a prospect’s current merchant services to identify areas of over-payment and risk, educates them on billing practices and offers specific and actionable recommendations.

MSP utilizes pre-negotiated pricing with leading processors and equipment providers to design an optimized, cost-effective solution.

The MSP Advantage


MSP manages end-to-end conversion and facilitates setup, testing and customer training.

MSP focuses on customer interests. We stand behind and monitor the solution to ensure that savings are realized, generate regular performance reports for the customer and bank, and are the first line of support for questions or issues.

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Case Study

MSP Consulting Increases Parkside Financial Bank’s Merchant Services Revenue While Improving Their Customer Satisfaction

When Parkside Financial Bank & Trust was chartered in 2008, they were seeking a merchant payment services partner. As a commercially focused bank, merchant payment services are key to their treasury management offerings. MSP Consulting’s professional and consultative approach, customer-centric focus and tailored payment solutions were a perfect fit for Parkside. Partnering together, MSP built a recurring revenue stream of over $50,000/year in four years and introduced a door-opening service to drive new customer prospects. Because of this, Parkside values their partnership with MSP Consulting.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Capital City Bank has partnered with MSP Consulting since 2008. Prior to engaging MSP we completed a thorough test of their solution. We have been very pleased with their commitment to our bank and to our customers and have experienced significant improvement in our customer’s satisfaction. MSP Consulting is responsive to us and our customers’ support and service needs."
Lisa Gilchrist, Executive Vice President, Capital City Bank

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