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How We’re Different

When MSP began payment services in 2003, we envisioned an opportunity to change the industry and help businesses by delivering ethical, transparent and informative advisory and support services. Today, our clients enjoy this refreshing approach to business. We are different because:

  • MSP is an advisory firm – we educate our clients so they can make informed decisions regardless of whose service is used.
  • We work only for our clients – not for V/MC/D/A, processors or other involved parties. We have intentionally structured our approach this way to remove conflicts of interest and achieve full transparency.
  • We are independent of a single processor, allowing us flexibility to provide the most tailored solutions.
  • We stand behind our solutions with detailed monitoring and ongoing reporting to demonstrate our commitment to client needs. MSP’s proven approach to helping businesses is absolutely unique in the market.
The MSP Advantage


MSP Consulting tailors solutions to best fit client and industry needs. Our extensive experience across multiple industries helps us to bring insights and understanding as well as technology solutions to each of our clients.


Being ready to accept EMV Chip Cards is critical to your business. MSP Consulting regularly works with our clients to respond to new standards to help them to determine the proper actions and minimize associated costs


Costs associated with credit card fraud in the U.S. are measured in the billions, which makes fraud avoidance a priority topic for businesses accepting credit cards. MSP Consulting proactively educates our clients on leading practices and tools to fight fraud for their business.


MSP Consulting seeks to educate and provide fact-based guidance to businesses, so that they may make informed decisions to optimize programs.


MSP Consulting’s eCommerce payment solutions leverage the latest proven technologies to drive substantial reductions in processing fees while simplifying integration and helping to mitigate risk.


MSP Consulting provides low cost, easy to use and secure mobile payment solutions that are tailored specifically to our client’s needs.


New payments technologies can represent opportunity, but also confusion for businesses. MSP Consulting reviews new technologies for our clients to determine if and when to adopt them for the maximum businesses benefit.


MSP Consulting leverages multiple payment channels to optimize our client’s non-cash payment solutions including ACH (Automated Clearing House) and eCheck (customer initiated payments direct from their bank account).


MSP Consulting stands behind our solutions to drive up-front and ongoing benefits to our clients. We are highly unique in monitoring our clients’ programs with ongoing performance reporting to deliver on our commitments.

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